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Focus on staying ahead of your competition when it comes to ranking in google. We can give a full analysis of the competition and then come up with a strategy to set you ahead of them.
For business’s getting the customer is the goal. For us getting the clients to find you is our goal. The easier you are discovered the more clients you get the higher your revenue becomes. This is why our goal is to put you ahead of your competition and increase your revenue
The goal is to get you established with strong linking strategies that keeps you at the top. To do this it is important to lay out a strategy and stick to it. This is why we focus on getting you to the top, so you can focus on running your business.
Simply waiting for your Website to be discovered can take years. Its not as simple as building a website and you’re done. You need a Professional Search Engine Marketing team to make sure you get pushed to the top and stay there.
SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. A SERP is what is returned to you after typing in a search query. In essence, it’s a page of results after you search. SERP is a coined SEO term that you’ll hear frequently.
Keyword is another term that is used a lot in SEO. A keyword or “”keyword phrase” is a word or set of words that exemplify the brand, its services, or products. Keywords are important because they help users and the search engines better identify what your webpages are about . Using relevant keywords in your title tags, headlines and throughout your content can help to give the search engines a better idea of what your page is about. Just be careful not to overuse keywords, or it can actually hurt your rankings.
is the search engines’ process for collecting and storing data across the web. The search engines are constantly scouring the web for updated and new pages to add to their massive databases of information. When the search engines do find new pages, they ‘index’ it, meaning they add a copy of it to their database, so that they can retrieve it during searches.
There are two types of links that you will hear SEO’s talk about. Internal and external. Internal links are links that occur between pages inside of your website. For example, all links on the navigation bar of your website are internal links. External links are links coming or going from your website, either someone has linked to your website, or yours to theirs.

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